‘Rhythm & You’ is a community creating filmed and photographed stories around music, art, and competitive tours. The community was founded by John Adams and John Blackwell to inspire events to nurture artistic captures and productions.  With origins from a Mainz, Germany born jam studio: the international story continues into Bosnia where we use events to promote tourism to the archeological site ‘Park Ravne 2’.  Touring promotes partnerships and artistic cooperation between people and artists that normally would never have an opportunity. The ticket sales are not the goal: capturing and cultivating human art is.  Catalyzing artistic expression is our drive with features such as paint supplies for audience participation.  Come make a story with us.
Steve M.
Interviews, Musician
John B.
Photographer, Event Coordination, Web3, Musician
John A.
Videographer, Event Organizer, IT, Musician

All rhythmandyou.com ticket sales come as an agreement to allow content collection.  We work to keep a positive mentatlity with our content creation to keep peace in our community. 

The rhythmandyou team builds content mixes from collected material each year to help advirtise future events.