Rhythm & You 2023 Photobook

Taken From Rhythm & You Exhibitions

The year of 2023 was all about heavy lifting around fresh ideas. We continued to develop the various process points leading to a fully equiped engine to support international artists touring and authentic story telling under one hood. We tested interview sessions for the first time at our Fankfurt Creator’s event.  We successfully completed our second trip to perform at Park Ravne 2, but the highlight came from the block party started at “Cafe Element” in the heart of Visoko, situated next door to the Bosnian Pyramids.  The streets filled with dancing and we received copmliments including words such as “never have we seen such” or “This feels like a movie!”  Our charitable work pays in extras outside increasing awarness of our artistic community: We know we are impacting people in postive ways.  A young rock and roller that joined our Jam session will now join us on stage in 2024. Difficulties were faced at all the events, but we are hoping to overcome our challenges with more sponsorship in upcoming events.  We look forward to create great stories for our audiences and sponsors.  Hit the road with us and join the Tourism Club, Kick start links will be announced from social media and become availble during campaigns. Enjoy.