Affiliate Sponsorship

Rhythm & You's Affiliate Sponsorship Program: Elevate Your Brand Presence through Strategic Artist Partnerships

Elevate your brand presence and expand your reach with our exclusive Affiliate Sponsorship Program. Partner with Rhythm & You to collaborate with renowned artists and their passionate fanbases, creating a powerful synergy that enhances brand awareness and cultural impact.

Our streamlined program simplifies the process of forging mutually beneficial relationships between brands and artists, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition into this tour-driven partnership. We’ll guide you through every step, from identifying the perfect artist match to finalizing the joint marketing campaign.

Position Your Brand at the Forefront of Music Culture

As an Affiliate Sponsor, your products will be prominently displayed alongside artist merchandise during Meet & Greets and merchandise tables, placing your brand directly in the hands of highly engaged fans. This immersive experience creates a lasting impression and reinforces your brand’s association with the artist’s unique style and influence.

Partnership Success Starts with Agreement

True collaboration requires a shared vision and commitment. Both sponsors and artists must align on the overall marketing strategy to ensure the partnership delivers tangible results. Rhythm & You facilitates open communication and negotiation, ensuring both parties are aligned from the outset.

Embrace the Power of Creative Partnerships

Our Affiliate Sponsorship Program is not just about brand exposure; it’s about creating a genuine connection with music and art enthusiasts. We empower brands to tap into the vibrant energy of the music industry, fostering a deeper engagement with their target audience.

Join Rhythm & You in Elevating Brand Awareness and Cultural Impact

Partner with Rhythm & You and discover the transformative power of affiliate sponsorship. Let us guide you towards a mutually beneficial partnership that amplifies your brand’s presence and resonates with music lovers worldwide.

Sponsorship Packages

Artist Sponsorship -
5 Available

Help an artist from our community join scheduled events and have your merchandise or promotional items displayed with artist merchandise during Meet & Greets.

Workshop Sponsorship -
3 Available

Sponsor or conduct a workshop that matches our artists and audience.  This is scheduled into the overall show as a one hour presentation.  Work with our organizers to help nurture your creative vision.

R&Y Event Sponsorship -
5 Available

Sponsor a single event and have your logo and messaging on “Rhythm & You” Video Mixed Promotions and Social Media. 

R&Y Tour Sponsorship -
3 Available

Tour Sponsors will have thier logo and messaging displayed in all “Rhythm & You” Video Mixes and Promotional Materials. 

Want to conduct a workshop during our events?

Workshops that nurture creativity, critictical thinking, and mental/physical health are welcome to join.  Workshop presentations will need to be no more than one hour and act as a performance peice to the entire show. This is your time and we will work with you to be creatively accurate to your desires.