Rhythm & You: Where Music, Art, and Adventure Collide

Immerse Yourself in a World of Artistic Expression

Step into the vibrant community of Rhythm & You, where music, art, and competitive tours converge to create unforgettable experiences. Founded by passionate individuals John Adams and John Blackwell, Rhythm & You is more than just an event organizer; it’s a catalyst for artistic expression and collaboration.

Origins Rooted in Music and Creativity

Our journey began in the heart of Mainz, Germany, where a jam studio sparked our vision to nurture artistic captures and productions. From these humble beginnings, we’ve expanded our reach to Bosnia, where we use our events to promote tourism to the remarkable archeological site, ‘Park Ravne 2’.

A Symphony of Shared Experiences

Rhythm & You is not just about ticket sales; it’s about capturing and cultivating human art. Our tours foster partnerships and artistic cooperation between people and artists from diverse backgrounds, creating connections that would otherwise remain unexplored.

Unlocking the Power of Artistic Expression

Our events are designed to ignite creativity and encourage audience participation. We provide paint supplies and other art materials, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the artistic process. Together, we create stories that resonate with the soul.

Join Us on an Artistic Adventure

Embark on a journey with Rhythm & You and experience the transformative power of music, art, and collaboration. Together, we’ll weave tapestries of creativity that will inspire and amaze.

The rhythmandyou team builds content mixes from collected material each year to help advirtise future events. All Rhythm & You Event Ticket Sales come as an agreement to allow all content collected from attendee to be used in potential video mixes produced by our team. 

Tour Case Study: ARTZ

ARTZ was able to capture a new audience by joining the “Rhythm & You” tour to Eastern Europe.  With our video content, we found an average of 50k reach on videos and a range of 50-200k views on promotional materials. Bosnia has become on of the most requested locations for ARTZ to perform again since this launch.