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Video Documented Exhibitions

Creators and General Admission


Enjoy the Rhythm and You Art Exhibition and Rooftop Cookout.  Performances from contributing artists will be conducted all day from the rooftop stage from 3pm until 11pm (Skybar). We are limited on space so get your ticket early or risk not getting inside.

The Artists will intermittently be available for professional photoshoot with VIP Creators Pass holders.


The event stage area on the rooftop is completely recorded and event participants agree to possible video or photo collection by purchase of General Admissions ticket. The floor will be marked with ‘Video Zones’ to allow guests to choose walking paths.


This is a Fund-Raising Content Creation Event.


The Goal of the event is to create more content to be used to promote and further fund the Pyramids Festival of Art(Below) which is completely free. We use this method to keep our moderate ticket price stable. Content Creation is useful for our contributing artists in documenting their activities and we promote content creators and photographers to join the exhibition. The Website is designed to ingest videos and photos from contributors in the “Video Submission” area. Submissions allow Rhythm and You to tag and collaborate on social media posts so guest efforts may be echoed across our platform. We will collect the submitted media and make available to Patreon subscribers. This may include: Live Audio from the show, photos, and video. We hope this allows content creators to collaborate with us: where they may work with artirsts intrested in collaboration.


Removal of Digital Media may be requested and we will do our best to make our posts appropriate for our audiences. A Newsletter of posts will be provided to all registered supporters to keep up to date on what is being released. This is why email registration is required to purchase tickets. We will only ever collect email address. After you register, send an email to info@rhythmandyou.com to option into the newsletter and get a personalized badge by stating “I (do not)want the newsletter and I support <Artist>”. No private information needs to be provided beyond this message. By sending this message you agree to the terms stated above and understand how to have content removed. We will address you by your email address unless you wish to provide more information. Send the message with your favorite artist for a personalized badge at the event to show your support.


We appreciate your understanding

American Southern BBQ Rooftop Cookout

Our very own Choptimus Prime from Georgia, USA will prepare an authentic southern barbeque taste to match the exotic artists and designers joining from around the world. The food will be on-demand so get in the line early!

VIP Creators

Tickets Available

Rhythm and You VIP Creators will have an opportunity to have photographs taken from our professional photographer from Cirque-Du-Creatifs on-site with ‘inside-information’ to join the group celebration locations after the show.  Celebrate “after-the-game” with the rest of the crew. We appreciate your support and contributions!



Starting at 23:00 – End

The Pyramids Festival of Art is completely free and funded through fundraising events and donations.  A program is developed one month from show time and more information about the park and organization may be found from the links