Let me 'Shodan' you the way

     To anyone that owns a website or works for a company that does, go to ‘Shodan.io’ and look up your domain name. A domain name is the address we humans use to identify a numbered address in the internet of things the computers will use to send our messages(rhythmandyou.com). welcome to your first steps to understanding your cyber footprint. This is an automated service that has no funding from you or I to make this investigation, so lets imagine that this type of investigation is almost always being conducted and more often by people we wished did not. everything about you or your workplace is likely somewhere on the internet: don’t let this scare you anymore, simply understand what is important. learn to build a personal classification system of your own information like the military does. Know what are the key pieces of your information that can not be leaked and make a rule to never speak these without very critical consideration(like a password or ID number). 90% of all hackery on the planet is initiated through physically breaking locks so I can insert a USB stick or some measure of clickbait phishing links you should not have ever touched. I would send that clickbait to your friends first if I targeted you so your friend would send that email to you. Being aware of yourself and where you going on the internet is the most important thing. If your computer was secured in your home and we assume no one would touch or manipulate it: Imagine the only way a hacker will get to you is by you being tricked. It is a large magic show with a malicious magician at the other end and your home and finance are at stake. It is uncommon to have any professional grade firewalls at home, so your only defense to this 90% of the war is “think before you click.” Your best defense is mental preparedness and remaining alert. A person being lazy and inconsiderate of their security and livelihood is what the hackers are betting on.